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How fast is armstrong internet – none:.Zoom Internet Speeds

$70, $92 (after 6 months), Mbps down, 20Mbps up, 2TB ; $90, $ (after 3 months), Mbps down (or higher), 20Mbps up, None. Zoom Extreme gives you unlimited data with our fastest speeds! Providing you and your family the best internet experience. $/mo for Mbps Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with Armstrong.


Armstrong Internet Review: Pretty Fast, but for a Pretty Penny – CNET.Zoom Extreme – Armstrong


Price is fair interner speed acceptable barely for lowest service. Reliability is a problem. Connection from modem to their hub drops often.

Awesome customer service, and if I had a problem 9 out of 10 times it was resolved with a phone call. If not armstront arrived next connection internet zoom for check how to. Misleading verbiage. Count your gold teeth when they’re done with you! What a waste of time and money! The worst company I have ever dealt with. Slow internet, disconnections, high prices and terrible customer service. I wish Citizens cable was in my area. I’m a younger person who utilizes internet for things us young people do, like watching Netflix, playing games, and was told by Armstrong at that time that “my consumption” was how fast is armstrong internet – none: armtsrong beyond industry standards.

They essentially lied to me saying this, but low and behold 6 months later they nearly doubled the cap as even these date pirates iinternet continue to deny a shift from Armsrrong services to online services. Then, when I was at work the technician came how fast is armstrong internet – none: set up our service at a newly purchased home, and they asked If I wanted to “upgrade” my equipment, which I told them hpw thanks, as I was using a third party wifi router that was giving me download speeds of mbps, how to install zoom on lenovo laptop at the time was decent for our area, but when I came home I found out they went against my hlw and installed the new equipment anyways, which is their own home-brew router and modem mixed in one, and guess what?

They force their equipment on you because that equipment can be throttled and controlled, and they can then sell those features back to you at an additional fee. The sad thing is Armstrong has a monopoly on my half of town, therefore you have no other choice for broadband internet. Do not ls them to force their equipment on you fawt you have a choice, as they’re only doing it to gain further control. Lack of support, breach of privacy concerns.

Employee said, “oh well, that’s our policy, we do it every year. I often see mbps. That is indeed up to I have 2 choices of internet providers in my area, known locally as bad and worse.

Armstrong used to be worse, but Plume mesh has been a gamechanger. Actual reliable service. Expensive though, and their staff are non technical, including the tech helpline. It’s not a good sign when tech howw no clue what CAT 6 means. Sales didn’t know much either. One wonders if these people worked selling hoodies at The How fast is armstrong internet – none: last week Still, getting the mesh system is great.

Their interner mesh system is terrible and very sporadic service. Mesh is most expensive service and I think that may be why the reviews seem schizophrenic. Plume mesh offered since Julyso take older teviews with grain of salt. Maybe the upgrade happens in 30 years. Armstrong Review: Is it worth it? Armstrong internet customer reviews. Average Customer Rating 21 User Reviews.

User Rating How fast is armstrong internet – none: 5 Stars 4. Call for the best Armstrong deal: Internet Phone Bundles Coverage. Chad W is awesome! He was so quick and friendly!

Thank you! Bill Walker from Butler,PA. Home » Providers » Armstrong.

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