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Wi-Fi Network Offline. There are many possible reasons why one or more of your SuperPods would appear disconnected or offline. Entire Network is Offline. If you are experiencing issues with your TV picture, please review the following steps to resolve the issue: Make sure the TV and set-top box are ON; Check.

Wi-Fi Network Offline – Armstrong

Unplug the Gateway pod from power and unplug anything connected to it by Ethernet.


Armstrong zoom internet down – none:.High Speed Internet Coming to Hartsville


I’ve had nothing but troubles. I’m really fed up with Armstrong’s poor service. I pay a hefty price for this service and I deserve better for all that money. Armstrong is probably my 1 choice for an ISP. They have great support, their account reps are top notch and very transparent with pricing.

The pricing is a bit steep especially for the dedicated fiber line we had run , however, they were like I said, transparent about it, and I’ve never had an issue with a dedicated fiber line from Armstrong. Only down fall is their limited coverage area, but that isn’t their fault. Prices are very expensive and you don’t get what you pay for. This isp is a legal scam. Don’t recommend. My College student daughter in California pa had a special for 1 yr for zoom internet for For What???

Nothing was disconnected in 5 min. Such b. Total rip off!!! Rating is a We have had Armstrong from day one and my biggest complaint is that the price keeps going up and up. I think there product is fairly good and there service personal are great but I think it is time to shop around.

I have looked into Consolidated but they seem to have there problems with unhappy customers. It might be time for the garbage can lid on the roof. They have good choise of internet plans but what they don’t say is cap for internet usage. Even cellular companies have unlimited plans for internet and Armstrong doesent. The just see you as pale of money. You cannot get unlimited, not with any plan, nor with their business unit. It is ridiculous. On top of it the service is flaky and the customer support are a-holes.

Unfortunately, it is a family owned monopoly in this area. I detest this company. It is a pure money grabber that rapes its customers. The speed of zoom internet used to be okay. There’s always been lots of downtime, but now the dns they use is completely useless. What’s the point of a 10mbps connection, if it just times out while trying to figure out what IP google is at. Netflix cannot even stream anything higher than the lowest quality because the dns is so bad.

All broadband internet in America is extremely overpriced and slow, but this is a little worse. My family is forced to use Armstrong. The only other choice is Consolidated, and they’re even worse. They are great for the home user as they have one of the fastest speeds for the best prices. They have upped their speeds at no price increase which is a big plus. I do not have their home cable, however a lot of my co-workers and friends do and say that they have to replace their set-top boxes quite often.

However, they are not that great with commercial troubleshooting or consistency. Our speeds fluctuate greatly throughout the day more so than just from users being online. In the even of a Service Call they rarely schedule for Saturdays or off hours times to support normal business hours of Overall not bad for home use, with reliable equipment and local technicians they compete with most ISPs.

However, their business class service is not quite at the level it should be. It is very hard to get a technician on-site during non-critical hours for service. Used Armstrong Cable my entire life until I moved out of the smallish locale that I was raised in.

Equipment was sturdy and reliable, as was their service and support. Always compensated my bill whenever downtime was incurred. Wish they offered services where I live now We are just beginning to make the switch from Consolidated DSL to Armstrong Cable, and while I can’t yet comment on the uptime, I can comment on their service. Every one I’ve talked too is fantastic, and has answered questions, and is enabling us to have cable installed in a location where it was never installed before.

Very happy with the service so far! Browse by category. Back to product details All Reviews for Armstrong Cable 12 ratings. Write a review. Ratings Breakout. Spiciest Positive Review Joshua Crockett. Equipment was sturdy and reliable, as was their Spiciest Critical Review Mik Sunoder. Overall Rating. Sep 01, Christopher Spradlin This person is a verified professional.

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Armstrong zoom internet down – none: –


General Outage. Something else Most reported problems. Armstrong forum Tips? Share them with other site visitors:. Tried to get a fix time frame and they wanna charge me more just to ask when well will have internet again. What a scam. Located in PA fayette county. These plume pods have got to be the worst thing they have ever added. It we be nice to go back to old system which worked way better. It is unknown at the time where the issue is at. We accept any fault with connection problems until the cause is found.

People are reporting google down when it’s their ISP. It is legit down. Just because it somewhat works in some places doesn’t mean anything. Yeah Armstrong is down but it’s also a Google issue.

Armstrong is having an issue. I plan to find a real ISP and pay them in lieu of these amateurs. Use the website and you’d see it. I currently cannot access it or youtube but my boyfriend with Xfinity can, xfinity pls come to where i live. Power and cable working The main “hotspot” for outages seems to be Butler Co. The second-biggest seems to be Youngstown. I think I’m inside the western edge of the Butler outage. Every single channel is black except for the Armstrong channel.

That channel works perfectly fine!!!! I checked and every channel is black except for the Armstrong Channel! Happened around 2am. Steve I have a total blackout it’s am oxford pa Terry Young Ellwood City When I press on demand on my remote the tv goes directly to channel 2. Michael When will the internet be up and running again? It has been out for over 6 hours. Please provide an update ASAP.

Ernest Brown Jr. The problem started Saturday, Jan. Call volume was excessive, so I decided to try this communication method. I live in Boardman, Ohio John Bunce Internet is not working. After the storm Fred hit. Cameron NY Frank stoops west Sunbury. Computer, wi fi, printer, booster and telephone. Last used at 11 am Sunday. Daniel Internet has been down since tonight. Canfield Ohio Armstrong is a telecommunications provider operating mainly in the northeastern part of the United States.

Sedwick and his brother built up Armstrong from humble beginnings consisting of just two crews who manually set up telephone lines and poles across the entire western Pennsylvania area.

Within a year, the company grew to 12 crews and is today the biggest operator in the northeast. Armstrong is currently a provider for internet service, cable television, and cable telephone services. Armstrong Cable, the television service, offers video on demand, personal video recorders, pay per view service, and fully HD digital programming. The Cable Telephone service from Armstrong is a popular service that can be availed individually or as a bundle with the television or internet service.

Armstrong provides unlimited calling via this service to all the states in the country along with Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada. Situated primarily in the northeast U. Ranked among the 15 biggest multi-network operators in the country, Armstrong is a popular provider, with numerous awards under its belt.

Consumer Reports rated the company number one in customer service for two consecutive years, and The Armstrong website has a very useful Self Help and Support section that you can read through for information on the common problems and network issues you may face. Armstrong offers one of the fastest internet networks in the northeast.

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