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Zoom provides an excellent FAQ. For more Johns Hopkins-specific questions, see below:. Q: How do I get a Zoom account? Q: What is accountt difference between a Basic and a Licensed account? A: Basic: A Basic user is user without a can i add users to my zoom pro account license.

While a Basic user can host meetings with up to participants, if 3 or more participants join, the meeting will time out after 40 minutes. They cannot utilize user and account add-ons such as large meeting, webinar, or conference room connector. Licensed: A Licensed formerly known as Pro user is a paid account user who can host unlimited meetings on the public cloud.

By default, they can host meetings with up uzers participants and large meeting licenses are available for additional capacity.

How do I change my can i add users to my zoom pro account center? Q: How do I cancel my subscription? A: There are two ways to cancel your subscription. You can downgrade your account from Licensed to Basic, or you can deactivate your account. Жмите Are service accounts available?

A: The use of service accounts are considered on a case-by-case basis. Q: Can my team share a Zoom account? We suggest testing out the Join Before Host or Alternative Host features to allow participants to join without you! Q: /29153.txt there a minimum or maximum on how many accounts we can get?

A: Anyone, enterprise-wide, with a valid cost center should be eligible for a Licensed Zoom account! Students will automatically obtain a Licensed Zoom account upon logging in for the first time. Users, however, have no administrative privileges. Q: What audio options do I have through Zoom? A: Please see Audio Options.

Q: Unable to dial into the toll-based Conference lines or getting a busy signal? If you need to dial-in to a meeting and receive a busy signal, please try an alternative dial-in number.

Included below is a list of US toll-based dial-in numbers that you can select from:. You must have a Licensed account to request this add-on. Q: Do all meeting participants need to have Premium Audio to access the toll-free numbers? A: No, only the host needs Premium Audio. Q: Does Premium Audio need to be enabled for every meeting I host? A: No, Premium Audio can be configured to be included on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Accoount can also be configured to be included for all future meetings. For more details, refer to the Premium Audio Uwers page. Zoom has replaced Adobe Connect. Q: How do I dial toll free? This feature can be added at additional cost through the IT Service Catalog. A: No, there is no associated cost. Where is their record? Q: How do I install the desktop client? A: See our по ссылке client setup guide.

Q: Where can I find Johns Hopkins virtual backgrounds? A: Under the U. A: No. This is prohibited читать статью written consent from the patient. Q: Does enabling Join Before Host allow meeting participants to start without the host actually being present? A: Meeting participants will be able to talk, but the host is required for many meeting controls, such as screen-sharing and recording.

See Join Before Host for more details. Q: Can I host concurrent meetings? A: Licensed users can host two meetings at the same time. Both meetings must be started by the original host. Q: What is an Alternative Host? This will allow the other user to start and host the meeting in your stead. Q: What is the Scheduling Privilege?

This will allow the other user to schedule meetings on your behalf. Q: Are there any recommended best practices when hosting a meeting?

A: See below for before and during meeting best practices. Q: Do I need a Licensed account to join meetings?

A: Joining a meeting is free with Zoom. Q: Do users joining a meeting need to zoom the Zoom client? A: While we recommend using the desktop client for the best in-meeting experience, it is not required to join a meeting as you can join directly from a browser. Q: Is Live Transcription free? At this time, Live Transcription is not available for Breakout Rooms. Can I edit this? A: Yes. If you save a copy of the transcript, you can edit the. What does this mean? Q: How do I log into the desktop client?

A: Please see Zoom Desktop Client for instructions on logging in. Q: How usres I log into the mobile app? A: Please see Zoom Mobile Application for instructions on accout in.

Q: If an instructors shares a PowerPoint slide show which would be full screenis the zoom toolbar still accessible or would the instructor have to exit out of the slideshow to access the toolbar?

Q: When I schedule a meeting it makes an arbitrary meeting name. How do I get it to can i add users to my zoom pro account my customized link? M The customized meeting link only applies to your personal meeting room or PMI. If you want to schedule a meeting ti uses your PMI, then you can use the personalized meeting link. You may want to review the previous link and also this link for other options when scheduling a meeting. Can i add users to my zoom pro account may see a message if you try to sign in to Zoom before joining the meeting.

A: No, panelists can be invited to participate in the webinar using only their name and an приведенная ссылка address, a Zoom account is not required. Q: If I assign an alternative host to my webinar, do they need to have the webinar license add-on as well?

A: No, alternative hosts do NOT need to have the webinar license to be assigned. However, they will need to be Licensed user cannot assign Basic users. Q: Can i add users to my zoom pro account it possible to allow a participant non-panelist or attendee to speak? Q: If my webinar /12420.txt going to run aaccount the scheduled time, will it end automatically?

A: No, your webinar will remain active and in-session until you end it. The time and duration is more for scheduling purposes. Q: If I need to upgrade to a larger size webinar license to accommodate more attendees and I already have a webinar scheduled with confirmed registrations, do I need to cancel and create a new webinar?

A: No, do not cancel the webinar. Please contact zoom jhu. Q: Can panelists use the Virtual Background feature? However, they по ссылке have either the desktop client or mobile app installed to select a background.

A: No, attendees are kept anonymous. Q: How long will my recordings be saved in the Cloud? A: Cloud Recordings isers automatically deleted after days. You will need to download them locally before they are automatically deleted if you wish to retain a copy. Zoom will send you a reminder email before the deletion occurs. Q: Can a meeting be recorded without why is my warzone so zoomed in host? A: By default, only the host can initiate a Local Recording.

If another participant would like xccount record, the host will need can i add users to my zoom pro account provide permission to that participant during the meeting. The host will need to join the meeting to give the other can i add users to my zoom pro account recording permission, or set the participant up as an Alternative Host.


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Can i add users to my zoom pro account –


Users do need a Zoom account to host a meeting. A Pro account which all actively affiliated faculty and staff and students currently enrolled in classes have access to allows a user to host a group meeting with fewer limitations than free accounts. A Zoom Pro user can host meetings with up to participants for an unlimited amount of time and connect to traditional videoconferencing systems.

Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom mobile apps or desktop applications for Windows and Mac. Yes, Zoom can be used to connect to a traditional standards-based videoconferencing systems. This requires a Zoom Pro account. Instructions can be found by clicking Invite from within a meeting. Please contact the IT Service Center with any questions. Microsoft and Apple have announced they will stop supporting the legacy Zoom Plug-in for Outlook in May There are official free apps available for iOS and Android.

Zoom also includes built-in support for calling in to a meeting over telephone. To do so:. Use our tutorials to learn more about how to record a meeting and Save to the Cloud or Save to your Computer. A progress bar will appear after you leave the meeting to show you how long this will take. Starting January 31, , all recordings saved to the Zoom cloud older than days will be deleted. From that day forward, recordings will only be retained for days from the date of recording.

OIT strongly recommends routine review and archiving of Zoom recordings to make sure you keep what you need. Learn how to run a report to view your recordings over a period of time. Please note that once content has been removed it can not be recovered. OIT recommends users take personal responsibility for routine archiving of content. Once content has been removed it can not be recovered. For more information on downloading cloud recordings, please refer to Zoom’s Managing Cloud Recordings information.

Zoom allows you to run reports that list recorded sessions in a list that makes it easy to review and download recordings you’d like to save. OIT recommends that you do not record any meetings containing confidential or sensitive information. Zoom includes built-in encryption capabilities, which should be enabled for any such meetings. OIT recommends enabling AES if your meeting contains confidential or sensitive information of any kind.

Yes, Zoom includes built-in group and private chat support. However, in-meeting chat is not saved when the meeting ends, even if you choose to record the meeting. Whenever possible, mute your microphone. OIT also recommends wearing headphones to eliminate feedback issues. Always try to use the best network connection available to participate in a Zoom meeting. In general, wired network connections do work better than wireless connections.

Likewise, Wi-Fi is generally preferable to a cellular connection when using a mobile device. If you already have a secondary account, simply sign into Zoom with SSO and use the credentials for the account and you will be provisioned with a pro license. If you need to, request a secondary account on the Messaging and Collaboration Request portal. You can change this setting by logging in to Zoom and changing the default setting under Waiting Room Options. Using Zoom for Remote Teaching and Learning May I require my students to keep their video and audio on during the class?

There is no general prohibition regarding requiring student participation that includes video and audio interaction, including if a class is also recorded. An instructor may make video and audio participation a condition of class participation. You should make your general expectations regarding Zoom participation clear at the beginning of the course and in your syllabus. At the start of each class you teach, you should remind your students of your expectations for the use of Zoom at the start of each class.

During the class session, you may remind students to leave audio and video on. You may need to make a special arrangement with students who do not have adequate internet bandwidth to have their video on. The instructor can ask students to present themselves as if each individual were actually in the classroom.

Classes on Zoom, like all other classes, are governed by the campus policy on Student Classroom and Course-Related Behavior. Zoom allows meeting organizers to export a usage report showing all users who joined the meeting.

Yes, visit Zoom’s website to learn about Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms. Zoom has a feature called High-Fidelity Music Mode. A Zoom Pro account can host meetings with up to participants. OIT has a limited number of webinar licenses through Zoom which enable up to attendees to join a meeting, 50 of which can be participants for example, if there are 50 participants there can only be attendees.

Additionally, OIT has a limited number of Large Meeting licenses that allow meetings with up to participants. Both of these options are distributed on an temporary, as-needed basis.

Please fill out the Add-on features request form to request a Large Meeting license. A Zoom Pro account can hold meetings with up to participants. OIT has a limited number of Large Meeting licenses that allow meetings with up to participants which are distributed on an temporary, as-needed basis.

Please fill out the Add-on features request form to reserve a time for your large meeting. If you need this functionality on a more frequent or consistent basis, contact the IT Service Center , and we will help you find a solution that meets your needs. By default, due to the limited number of licenses available, Zoom Webinar licenses are intended for use over a short duration of time and periodically are revoked based on the end date provided by customers to help ensure equal utilization by others.

COVID Update: OIT is focusing our support efforts to ensure new and existing users have the basic knowledge and training they need to conduct remote teaching via the core Zoom feature set. As the demand for third party integration grows, and staffing capacity increases, we will evaluate each request for third party integrations. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we navigate through these unprecedented times. Yes, Zoom now has an option for adding your pronouns to your profile.

Previously, many Zoom users amended their name fields to reflect pronouns. While you can still do this, OIT recommends using the pronoun field Zoom provides, as it gives users a bit more flexibility for sharing pronouns during meetings. Zoom – FAQ. General How do I sign in? Click Continue. This will automatically create your account and log you in. To do so: Click the Record button in the main video window. By default, only a host can record a meeting.

A host can allow other meeting participants to record through the Participants pop-up menu. But you must follow these provisions. Make your plans and expectations for recording clear at the beginning of the course and in your syllabus. Provide notice at the start of each class you record. Students will also see that Zoom automatically provides notice when recordings are started, paused, and stopped.

Only the course instructors and staff are authorized to record a class. CU Boulder has set Zoom to a default that allows only the host to record meetings, although the host may manually reassign recording capabilities. Further, you should make it clear to all your students that they are not authorized to record a class through any means. Do not distribute class recordings outside the audience of students, instructors, and other class staff TAs, learning assistants, tech assistants for that particular class.

Access to a recording is limited to class participants and staff through an IdentiKey. Learn how to record a Zoom meeting and make it available to only class participants and staff. You can let your students know recorded Zoom meetings are encrypted and secure.


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