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What is the pricing plan to implement Zoom Video SDK? Pricing: Free for basic Zoom API functionality; advanced features require a paid plan ranging from $ – $ per year per license.

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Once you need to host a group meeting over 40 minutes, this requires a Pro plan. Pricing for that here. Once you need to either A have multiple attendees, or B require a duration over 40 minutes, either of these conditions will require a Pro plan for the meeting host.

I wrote and web App that uses Zoom behind the scenes to stream video meetings. Not I not my million users will need to pay any additional cost for unlimited video calls? However, there is a limit of scheduling meetings per day, which is something you may want to keep in mind as the host. And to be clear, there is no cost associated with joining a Zoom meeting as a member. So for my million users, meetings a day is far from being enough. Thanks for clarifying—and apologies, I think my last post may have been a bit unclear.

So, if you had 4 host licenses or more , you could schedule meetings per day, for example. Does this help clarify? I plan to use Zoom API where teachers grant access to the app to make Zoom API calls on their account, Create a meeting, register a new participant, list all registrants, ….

Zoom users in that case, teachers will be able to authorize their account through OAuth to make API calls. Teachers will need to have a paid plan Pro or above to be able to call the API and host meetings. With this type of architecture then it is ultra scalable as each teacher is a host and can have meaning with multiple students.

Can the platform have access to all the recording meetings as long as teachers have given recording access in the App? Assume I have about k users in my app and some of them are creating meetings in the Zoom application outside of my app. Please see this post:.

Pricing will depend on the number of attendees, which will affect the plan or add-on you need. See the increments based on attendees here:. Users are not required to log in to attend a webinar, unless you explicitly require them to. Assuming I have Pro plan, I can use my JWT to join users to basically unlimited number of meetings up to users per meeting , but I need to keep in mind that when the number of attendees will be very high the performance of the Web SDK will be affected, so the users may have issues connecting to the meetings.

Is this correct? Pricing of Zoom API integration? API and Webhooks. Hey iman , Please create a new topic since your questions are unrelated to the original topic. Thanks, Tommy. Hi vaib95 , There is no cost to use the Zoom API or to publish on the Marketplace, and some actions can be done on a Basic plan such as calling our Meetings and Users endpoints.

I hope this helps! Hope to hear from you, good day! Hi jeagerph , Happy to clarify! You can find our pricing here: If the integration you have in mind will only have meetings, you may not require any paid functionality. Hey rc. Hope this helps to clarify! Hi will. Assume I have corporate customers, each have employees total of , users. All users are authenticated in my App. What is the cost for one on one 40 minutes interactions?

What is the cost for multiple users meeting 40 minutes interactions? TX Guy. Hey shalomgu , Good questions, happy to help clarify. Is there an additional cost for the video interactions meetings of my App users? Best, Will. Description Due to the current situation I have been tasked with integrating Zoom into our product.

Additional context Is the API pricing per user of my app or is it based on the number of participants in a meeting or something else altogether?

Any licensed user will be able to call the API to control their account, create meetings, etc. We do have an API Partner plan , but this is typically for products which resell Zoom video services as part of their business, rather than allow users to connect their accounts.

I have the same puzzle even after seeing your reply and after reading the provided documentations in zoom. Now everyone is using zoom and some of them are not paid users. On the other hand, I emailed isv zoom. I hope you could give us more info.

Hey wwannous , po. Typically the owner of the integration will have a Pro or higher plan because they are using API endpoints that require such like cloud recording or registration. If your users are just joining the Zoom meetings, they will not need a Zoom account or to pay for Zoom. But if you are using OAuth , they will need a Zoom account, and depending on what your integration does, they will need a plan that aligns with the integration. What is your question?

I have sent an email to isv zoom. I have went through many sources but unable to get any helpful feedback regarding the price or cost or any other details.

I will be using Zoom API integration on my product which is a commercial product for which users will be paying for my services offered using Zoom. Is there any restriction on that? I may be using the Zoom free one-on-one meetings as well as 40 minute limit meetings. Is that ok with Zoom? Hey softwaretech , kartha. I am looking to integrate Video chat capability into our application.

Our users will host meetings through zoom platform. Thank you for your reply. However, can there be multiple calls from different locations at the same time. I mean, the doctors and patients will be having a video call, so will they able to talk and multiple calls will be going on at the same time.

Hey softwaretech , sgupta ,.


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Hi will. Our site uses cookies to provide you with the great user experience. Your JWT app will only have access to your Zoom account’s zoom api pricing. I am looking forward for your response. Zpi representatives will читать you within zoom api pricing hours. Aleesha Fizal Read more posts by this author. See my comments here: are there any limitations in such case?


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See Pricnig Apps access to shared access permissions for details on the end user experience. A user zoom api pricing has been granted this privilege has access to schedule meetings for the продолжение здесь user. You do not need scopes for JWT apps. Yes, you are able to change subscription options or details at any stage. Project brief. This product is another solution our team worked on.

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