Zoom staff engagement ideas. How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged in a Virtual Team

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Zoom staff engagement ideas. Employee engagement ideas for remote workers

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24 Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for Remote Teams · Trivia. Nothing like some friendly competition to get those endorphins. We encourage a midday movement break with virtual yoga classes. Some branches have organized virtual fitness challenges, such as tracking how.

10 Work from Home Employee Engagement Ideas That Actually Work

24 Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for Remote Teams · Trivia. Nothing like some friendly competition to get those endorphins. We encourage a midday movement break with virtual yoga classes. Some branches have organized virtual fitness challenges, such as tracking how.


Boost remote employee engagement: 9 unique ideas


The social event could be a cocktail-making class, a virtual concert, or a biweekly trivia game. So make sure to have rules that encourage everyone to participate. For example, a cocktail-making class with a kit will get more engagement from everyone than a simple virtual drinks session.

A transparent culture fosters trust throughout an organization. And since remote teams are physically disconnected from the workplace, they need even more transparency.

To facilitate the same, you can conduct virtual all-hands from time to time. This event will encourage remote workers to showcase their projects across the company. The project could be a product update, a new marketing campaign, or a transition to a new business partner.

Plus, the workers can ask questions and share their thoughts with the presenting team, igniting a sense of inclusiveness. We get it. Putting your work in front of the entire organization may not be easy. But this little discomfort is a small price to pay for virtual employee engagement, and a warm, better-connected workplace. Email has its place for simple communication. Your organization should have a dedicated tool in place for real-time instant messaging also known as live chat.

An employee chat app allows you to facilitate flexible, informal communication that helps remote workers build relationships and get the information they need to do their jobs. Blink, for example, offers a world-class chat feature to bring your company together with groups and one-to-one chats. And it lets your employees share not just text, but also photos, documents, videos, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more without the hassle of email.

The solution is easy. This information would include your policies, process manuals, onboarding checklists, and other materials. The ability to publish content on this portal will not be limited to senior management or the IT department.

Every department should be able to access, publish, and share knowledge through this hub. Sharing their knowledge will help employees feel empowered and realize the value they are adding to the organization.

For example, with Hub as a central feature of Blink, remote workers can instantly access policies, procedures, and guides in a single convenient location — leading to a more engaged remote workforce.

On top of that, our built-in text editor gives every employee an effortless way to create, edit, and distribute articles. While communication is the key to better remote employee engagement, any type of communication will not solve the problem.

It has to have the right channels and the right frequency. Regularly checking in with your employees will help make them feel like part of the team. How to define employee engagement Engaging remote employees will ensure your team is still as efficient and productive as they would be in the office, if not more so. Encourage health and wellness. Host virtual meetings and casual hangouts.

Make sure employees feel heard and valued. Foster personal connections. Keep the lines of communication open. Gamify your teamwork. Sammi Caramela. Sammi Caramela has always loved words. When she isn’t writing for business.

She is also the content manager for Lightning Media Partners. Lead Your Team. Updated Self-Assessment: 5 Tips for Writing Your Need help writing your own self-assessment for a performance What Is Gamification?

Gamification injects game play and rewards into everyday Our Brands Business. Contact Us info businessnewsdaily. Many organisations have undergone an almost overnight transformation to enable employees to work from home — an essential business survival tactic in the current climate. Make use of chat and video call software The great news is that reliable and affordable chat and video conferencing tools are widely available — you may even be making use of some of them already.

Schedule virtual coffee and lunch breaks While we may be used to a WhatsApp video call with our friends and family, moving our office socialising into the digital realm can be a bit awkward at first. Turn meetings into video calls Love ’em or hate ’em, team meetings are a massive part of the planning and decision making process for a business.

Top tips for engaging video calls: Have a clear agenda for the meeting; it’s not always easy to get remote workers together at the same time, so capitalise on the opportunity by being well prepared. Ensure only to invite the people who need to participate.

Log in to the platform earlier than the attendees to ensure that everything is set up correctly — have an alternative ready, in case any issues arise. If video meetings are still a novel experience for your team, check that everyone is getting a clear audio and visual signal. Remember to be patient and assist anyone who may be struggling.

Introduce everyone present in the meeting if you are including clients, suppliers, or third parties into the call. Check in with everyone; a little small talk helps to dispel any awkwardness and make a human connection. Give everyone roles, exactly as you would in a face-to-face meeting.

Someone should take notes, facilitate the conversation and keep time — this keeps everyone accountable. Send a followup email after the meeting to highlight the points discussed, the actions agreed upon, and who is responsible for the tasks created.

You can also use this email to collect feedback on how the meeting went and if there are any suggestions to improve the process or tools being used. Be consistent with rewards and recognition Physical workspaces allow colleagues to give on-the-spot recognition to one another. How to show appreciation remotely: Managers and employees can use video meetings as opportunities to congratulate colleagues on a job well done. Internal newsletters could include a recognition section that highlights the achievements of various teams.

Utilise a recognition platform that enables workers to collect points towards rewards and benefits that they enjoy and value. Encourage peer-to-peer shout outs on your company group chat. The Incentivesmart platform includes a nominations module that allows team members to nominate one another if they feel that a colleague has done something great or gone the extra mile, inside work or outside. We find this works great to encourage teams to live values and encourages peer-to-peer recognition.

Send customised e-cards that fit in with your company culture and act as simple thank yous to help promote recognition of achievements. Leaders and managers should schedule informal check-ins with their team members to collect and give feedback. Embrace online learning and education Training your employees is always a worthwhile investment. Use digital feedback tools For many of us, remote working is going to be a wholly new experience. Work to the same rhythm with shared playlists Music is a language we all share, and if you previously worked in an office with an awesome playlist or your team had a theme tune that got everyone revved up and excited for an event, you can still stay connected through music.

Teambuild with online games This might not appeal to the demographic of every organisation, but games are a fantastic way of keeping remote teams connected. Great online games for work teams: Words With Friends: This firm favourite now has a multi-player, multi-board speed challenge. Two teams of five players can race against one another to reach points as quickly as possible. TypeRacer: Want to find out who the fastest typer on your team is? Try this surprisingly fun online game that allows you to play against your colleagues or simply improve your own speed and accuracy.

Fortnite can be played in teams and encourages camaraderie since players have to call out enemy positions and share provisions in order to survive. Virtual Friday drinks and quiz Great company cultures endorse socialising amongst employees. Strengthen engagement and productivity with remote working Things may feel a little unsettled now, but for many organisations, remote working will be a chance to think of innovative new ways to strengthen relationships amongst colleagues, improve engagement, and come out of the current world crisis stronger, more productive and more unified.

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